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Four Reasons You Should Stop Paying Rent and Buy Today

  1. Realize the tax advantages of real estate ownership by replacing your rent payment with a long-term mortgage.
  2. Build asset value and a future income stream by investing in real estate instead of paying a landlord rent.
  3. Gain peace of mind from ownership and stable occupancy costs from year to year without the exposure to escalating rents.
  4. Refinance other debt into one low cost loan with up to 100% financing as part of the real estate purchase.

Purchase Scenario: $1,810,000 (office building & closing cost)*

  • Pre-purchase annual real estate expense (lease) = $101,632
  • Post-purchase annual real estate expense (mortgage) = $127,060
  • Increase in annual real estate expense = $25,428
  • Tax benefit of real estate ownership = $34,832
  • Net decrease in annual real estate expense = $9,404

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*For illustration purposes only. Consult your tax advisor.